It’s been almost three weeks since i have put pen paper…written as much as a word. Blame it on vacation…that eight letter word that strikes you every year or so and leaves you completely bamboozled at the end of it all. Bamboozled, that’s i feel now at the end of it all. Completely detoxed, still half dazed, my mind refusing to come back to work mode, I feel tentative as i take my baby steps back to the world of writing, to the world of blogdom, to the exciting, exhilarating world of fiction writing…writing books, short stories, poems…ah, to the world of the written word, to the world of writing.

To all my dear blogger friends, my followers and all those who connect with me on a daily or weekly basis from across the globe I apologise for my absence but then i also say__ what the hell, everyone needs a vacation, a detoxification, a celebration every once in a while.

To stare at life afresh, to recharge one’s batteries, to view the world the beautiful people who inhabit it with newer, fresher perspectives and hopefully to find new meaning and purpose in life.


Unsteady fingers

type in heart’s meanderings 

new emotions birth. 


1 thought on “neelwrites/poet/haibun/01/07/2018

  1. Never apologize for living life 🙂

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