Mythology of Change
By Neel Anil Panicker
“I hate all that is happening in this office, half screamed Akshay.”

Rahul lifted his eyes from the smartphone and looked across the room at his colleague.
The two were at the Faculty Room and had just wrapped their first two hour session of the day. Another six more were to follow, almost on the trot.

“My dear friend, I know you’re upset and some of it is understandable”.

Rahul was alluding to some major  upheavals in all departments especially in the Faculty Department including  workload  and more  stringent quality changes
that had taken place ever since the ownership of ‘Coaching Time’ changed hands.
The new owners, two under 30 brash upstarts hell bent on splurging on their ancestral wealth but unwilling to extend that largesse to the staff, the mainstay of any organisation, especially so in  the intellect driven Education Industry, were hell bent on squeezing every penny’s worth out of the employees. In fact several of the very old hands, some including Akshay had completed almost two decades in the organisation.

Rahul, who had joined barely a year ago understood his friend’s plight and felt sorry for him.

“But look  at it from this way,” he proffered.

“The mythology of change is security. I think what is upsetting you is the insecurity that comes with all these changes. And that is why you, as do others who feel the same, are so resistant. ”

“So true, Rahul. I mean they have upset the apple cart; completely changed what we are used to. In fact so drastic are these changes that all I see around me is nothing but pomp and show. There is this absolutely avoidable ostentatious display of wealth on non-core areas. I tell you all that glitter is not gold.”

“If that be the case, then my friend you should go forth and embrace the glitter. So what if it is purple glitter, burgundy glitter, mauve glitter,  burgundy or glitter of any other colour.”
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