By Neel Anil Panicker


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‘I think this person is the murderer.’

Akshay Rawat, senior inspector of Simla Police Station looked from across the table at his friend Detective Chacko.

The two, known to each other for the past seven years, had struck up a lively friendship ever since the famous detective from the coastal state of Kerala had helped nab an absconder, a notorious scamster, and handed him over to the Uttarakhand cop.

As a quid pro quo gesture, Chacko had come over to the hills and was partaking of the hospitality of his policeman buddy when the triple murders took place.

A woman and her two daughters were found dead inside their two storied bungalow just off Mall Road, the mile length tourist hot spot of Simla.

But this man was in Delhi at the time of the murders. See this photograph of him against the backdrop of the Red Fort. He says he clicked it on January 23, the day the murders took place.

Detective Chacko peered into the photo.

‘Look, the photo has him staring into the clouds. I have the weather report of that day. It says it was a clear sunny day with no clouds; leave alone nimbus formations’.

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  1. What a great detective!!! The perfect crime is extremely hard to pull off- I have heard? Enjoyed!! Thanks for participating in the writing challenge this week.

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