three line tales, week 121: together for yes

By Neel Anil Panicker

There was a time in Esther’s life when everything was a neat binary; all that life threw at her, be it in terms of myriad problems that needed to be tackled, choices to be made, relationships to hold onto or dump, or even everyday issues as hackneyed as should she have coffee or tea for breakfast, or instead should she simply settle for hard drinks, either whisky on the rocks or plain old rum with soda.

All that changed with the entry of Philip into her life.

Ever since she fell hook, line and sinker for her local church parishioner and eloped with him after a blink and you miss high octane dalliance, Esther only operated with one dictum to guide her life which was saying  a resounding affirmative ‘YES’ to every single thing that her “man” asked, demanded, even expected of her, for it was her firm unshakeable belief that he could do no wrong.


Three Line Tales, Week 121

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