By Neel Anil Panicker

“You need to be a little flexible, after all what’s life without a little give and take?”
Inspector Sharma scratched the edge of his nose; immediately, a sticky wetness ringed his index fingers.


Damn’t! He was losing his cool, getting nervous, a condition that he knew was precipitated by palpable anxiety that he knew would only too soon lead to a blinding heaviness in his head, a benumbing pain in his temple that would put a full stop to his ability to think coherently.
And that was something he could ill afford, especially considering the fact that he was dealing with was no ordinary criminal.
After what seemed an eternity, Sharma pulled himself to his full height and looked through the iron bars of Cell No. 5 of Tihar Jail at the man the underworld knew by the moniker ‘Savage’ and replied, his voice sans his usual firmness, ‘Ok, I will give you the consignment next Monday when you come for your fortnightly visit at the hospital’.
The senior inspector of Specialized Unit Three, Delhi Crime Branch, didn’t wait for the prisoner’s reply; instead, hurriedly trotted out of the jail, his mind furiously debating over the ethicality of helping one criminal in order to catch another.
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Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

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Cue Word:  Flexible

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