By Neel Anil Panicker

Henry watched as his wife’s eyes turned moist.
It wasn’t the first time he was seeing it nor was it going to be the last time.

The change, the metamorphosis of an effervescent, bubbly lively woman full of joi de vivre into a hapless, helpless wreck had been happening over the past eight months.

It was a painfully slow benumbing of body, mind, and soul. A slow but gradual decline, a depleting of all sources of happiness, a moving away from all life affirming actions, a definite plunge into the bottomless pit of despair and deprivation.

All this__after Allen’s death.

Allen, her son, her darling Al; Allen, my son__our only child.

The first few months had been okay.

Seemed so. After the initial shock and trauma following his needless, meaningless death in an entirely avoidable case of accident exacerbated by mindless rash driving, we had come to live with the reality of his death.

I, by burying myself deep into work; she, by losing herself in spirituality.

God and his contemplation served as a shield, something that served as a buffer protecting her from the ravages of heartache.

That’s what I thought.

Maybe she needed to be transported to a different era, a different zone, maybe a new country, continent altogether.

Henry hoped this shifting of hearth would help her; pull her out of despondency, give her a new lease of life.

He prayed that this would prove to be the divergence that she so desperately needed.

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Saturday Mix – Same Same But Different, 19 May 2018

Same Same But Different
Your ‘Same Same But Different’ task is to take the five challenge words and NOT use them in your writing. That’s right, you need to dig out your thesaurus and find a synonym for each word instead.

Your words this week are:

  1. cushion
  2. time
  3. roof
  4. water
  5. fork

Your writing form is either poetry or prose.


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