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By Neel Anil Panicker

“There’s a skein of pain around my temple, that sends icicles of spasmodic agony down my spine.

Know when this happens? This happens on sunny mornings, on dreary afternoons, on gloomy evenings, on desolate nights_ happens every single time my eyes fall on those shoes over there.

They’re Albert’s.

They tell me you’re a fixer.

That you’re Olivia Pope; The Olivia Pope.

So tell me, Miss Pope.

My son’s dead, felled by a policeman’s gun for no fault of his.

Can you fix it? Can you fix the pain in my head? Can you bring my son back to life?”

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18 May 2018

Based on fanfiction inspired by the hit TV series SCANDAL and its main character Olivia Pope.


17 thoughts on “neelwrites/someshoes/fridayfictioneers/flashfiction/100words/17/05/2018

  1. Not aware of the TV programme Neel, but enjoyed nonetheless, and the loss of a child is always a powerful trauma that few parents will ever get over.

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  2. Very emotive. Very well-written.

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  3. Mike

    I don’t know the program, but I have seen the pain. Good writing Neel

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  4. Like others before me I’ve not heard of the programme but that did nothing to detract from the deep emotion i sensed within your story


  5. Not heard of the programme either but I doubt he’s going to be in luck. Well told, he hopes in vain agonisingly


  6. Dear Neel,

    Not familiar with the program, but the message reads loud and clear. The grief is tangible. Well done.



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  7. Terrible grief and loss that no magic can repair.


  8. Impressive story, Neel. I suppose Olivia might be able to fix things to the extent of bringing to justice the person responsible for Albert’s death. I doubt whether that would really ease the grief, though.


  9. Losing a child. Well, it can’t be fixed and will linger forever. Nice story Neel!


  10. I think that after the loss of a child a parent would do almost anything to bring them back. Nicley done.


  11. How sad. I can’t image the loss of a child. I feel for his/her in her search for answers.


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