By Neel Anil Panicker

There he is; an apology of a figure, a small moving dot on a fast obliterating horizon.

From my perch by the fourth floor window that looks out onto the desolate street that’s cloaked in darkness, I gaze out to him, my eyes all intent.

I see him come, hobble rather, a weary old figure, the shoulders hanging out loosely around his reed thin frame as if they were some wilted flower; the feet, thinly sticks dragging themselves over the water filled cobbled pathways.

He drags past Abdul’s and all of a sudden he looks up.

Briefly, very briefly, our eyes meet.

We converse in silence.

He drops his neck and ambles into the ramshackle building.

In a moment he would be walking up the creaky stairs and step in through the door; the door that’s been left open ever since he left half a day ago.

I flick my wrists and gaze at my watch.

The needles rest on 12.

It’s the start of another day.

Pity, we wouldn’t be there to greet it.

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FFfAW Challenge – 166th

by Priceless Joy

14 thoughts on “neelwrites/time’sup/FFfAW/watch/flash/fiction/shortstory/175words/08/05/2018

  1. I wonder why they won’t be there, some sort of suicide pact, or something less sinister?

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    1. I am thinking of this as a suicide pact.
      I deliberately left the ending dangling.
      Thanks Kelly

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  2. These guys look like they are upto no good. Tensely narrated, Neil.

    Ps: Have let you a DM on twitter. Just, FYI

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    1. Yes, they look like they are down and out.
      Thanks Varad.


  3. Wow, great story Neel! So chilling!

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  4. Scary story. I liked it!

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  5. What if the explosion did not take place? Prison?

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  6. Great description and an ominous ending. Very well done.

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  7. Ominous last line and great atmosphere. Well done.


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