three line tales, week 118: a grey reef shark

By Neel Anil Panicker

Mr Principal Sir, I know that my daughter has been not been behaving well of late, and as you have informed, that she has been bunking her classes for the past one month, and also that of late she keeps to herself and that she seems slightly depressed, but pray, what’s the connection to all this with the picture of this fish that you are showing me?

Mrs Iyer, this fish that you see on the computer screen is a blue whale and that’s also the name of the notorious online game Blue Whale that netizens all over the world are insanely hooked onto and that which has already claimed the lives of over a thousand teenagers.

And quite unfortunately, your daughter and our student Ananya Iyer of Class X A is addicted to this game and if immediate steps are not taken to wean her away from this highly destructive game, she could end up taking her own life.

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Three Line Tales, Week 118

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Three Line Tales, Week 118

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  1. Wish more parents had realized the symptoms before it was too late ….

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