By Neel Anil Panicker

Jiten Manjhi turned around and looked over at his friend and beyond at the wide arid farmland that spread out before his eyes for acres and acres.

“A huge come down, ain’t this?” his friend Soren Lakra hollered as he dug his shovel deep into the hard crust of the earth.

Jack straightened his back and turned his gaze upwards. His eyes squinted as he shielded them from the harsh glares of the afternoon mid-May sun.

Jagdalpur during this time of the year was blistering hot and that was how it had been for the past one month and that’s how it would be for the next couple of months at the least.

“Nothing’s a come down,” he shouted out to his childhood buddy. “It’s a game of wait and watch. Have patience, things are going to be back to normal. More than normal, I say”.

Lakra nodded his head in acknowledgement as beads of sweat trickled down and united with his bare backed spine.

He knew what normal meant, what more than normal meant. It meant going back to the jungles, back to living the life of a Naxalite, back to shooting and blowing up ‘enemies of the proletariat.’


FFfAW-Week of April 24, 2018

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3 thoughts on “neelwrites/sowingseedsofrevolt/flashfictionforaspiringwriters/shortstory/28/04/2018

  1. Great story Neel! You make us feel like we are right there among the characters of your story!

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  2. A social problem well fictionalized.

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  3. Well done. The only suggestion I have is to change ‘glares of the afternoon mid-May sun’ to ‘mid-May afternoon sun.’ It just reads smoother to me, but up to you:)


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