Hurray!!!Yipee!!! I SURVIVED. Yes, I AM A SURVIVOR.

On a whim and a fancy I had taken up for the first ever time the challenge of writing non-stop for the entire month of April ( well almost; to be pricise the first 26 days of the month) as part of the annual A-Z APRIL CHALLENGE.

I am so very glad to inform all of you that I have written every single day as part of this challenge on a definite theme, which was LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS AND EMOTIONS.

I have managed to stitch together a full novella in around 15,000 words and am indeed very proud of this achievement, especially given the fact that I had never known that I had it in me to write a full theme based fiction novella in such a short span of time.

This no doubt has given me a world of confidence and has boosted up my confidence no end.

I am extremely thankful to my blogger community, my dear blogger friends, and well wishers who have all along read, appreciated, and supported wholeheartedly in all my endeavours so far with the written word.

The link to my unedited piece is given below and I shall, in the coming days and weeks commence the process of editing and re-editing this with the ultimate aim of presenting for official release worldwide.

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