(Genre: Realistic fiction)
By Neel Anil Panicker
Mr President Sir, i am sorry but as your Chief of Staff and more importantly as your best friend, i implore you to desist from what you are so hell bent on doing for it is nothing short of harakiri, political suicide.
If divorcing my foul mouthed, self serving deeply antagonistic virago of a wife and marrying the love of my life is akin to commiting suicide then be it Steve and damn the consequences.

No Sir, you can’t damn the consequences and change your marital track midway through your Presidency though rightfully you can do what you please.
With utmost humility and deep respect I once beg of you to reconsider your decision for it has far reaching consequences.

Ah! far reaching consequences!!!

If by far reaching consequences you mean the great American electorate will ensure that I don’t get a second term to serve as President of the United States of America just because i chose to follow my heart so be it for all I  care about is that I  am deeply in love with Olivia Pope and will do anything and everything within my powers to ensure that we end up as man and wife.
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4 thoughts on “neelwrites/blindlove/sixsentencestories/fiction/flash/shortstory/27/04/2018

  1. Neel it sounds like yes minister – an English political satire. It certainly fitted your genre – realistic fiction.

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    1. I am currently watching the super hit American TV series ‘Scandal’ and this is inspired by that. I have quite a few episodes of Yes Minister and i loved it. Thanks a lot Irene.

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  2. I haven’t watched ‘Scandal’ but it seems like TV shows sometimes portray both the past and the future. I remember seeing comic strips as a kid that were so unbelievable and then years later see a lot of those things become reality.
    Good SSS.

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