157 05 May 22nd 2016


By Neel Anil Panicker

“No, don’t pick that. That one’s got lower acidity?”

‘A what? Come on, David. It’s just wine. Moreover, I like the colour.’

“It’s all in the colour, my dear Liz. See that tinge of blue on the rim. This tells this wine has lower acidity. It’s not going to last beyond a year or two.”

‘I hadn’t bargained for this when I fell in love with you?’

“Bargained for what, my dear?”

‘That every time I decide to pick a wine or two for our cellar you would be giving me discourses on wine including all manner of paraphernalia regarding its history, geography, chemistry  eccetra eccetra.’

“Liz, I think you should thank your stars and consider yourself blessed you have fallen in love with a handsome young man who besides being charming and gentlemanly and rich, is also an advanced   sommelier who has earned a higher degree in wine tasting and can accurately blind taste six wines at one go.”

‘Phew, I am truly impressed!’

“And now dear, thanks to all that eccectra eccetra that you so perfunctorily have sipped a few minutes ago, there’s a slow tangy sweetness that has enveloped you. It’s passed through your inner neck lining and is now tingling your heart and mind. Soon will find yourself floating on air, dancing like a lovelorn butterfly.”

‘Wow! And you’ll join me, honey, wouldn’t you’.

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8 thoughts on “neelwrites/drinktothat/sundayphotofiction/flash/23/04/2018

  1. You are providing competition to Shashi Tharoor 🙂

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  2. A sweet romantic tale this week, Neel, nicely done

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    1. Thought i would a wee bit mushy this week. Thanks Ceayr.


  3. I thought for sure he was poisoning her. I guess that is the pessimist in me. Sweet story.

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    1. That’s something quite a lot of us are prone to think thanks to the highly pessimistic times we live in.
      Thanks for the appreciation though, Susan.

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