PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

By Neel Anil Panicker

Sheeba craned her neck as her eyes bored holes into the sky. Somewhere, from behind the skein of silvery white, she knew, she believed to be so, watched her Steve, the one who was now one with the stars.

‘Look my love. Revenge has happened. Vikram, the man who snatched you away from me, is today my slave. I have him in shackles. There he remains, locked in our underground basement, his arms and legs chained to a steel door, condemned to living death.’

A tear dropped her eye.

She looked up and whispered. ‘Until we meet next, my love.’

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20 April 2018

18 thoughts on “neelwrites/loveunchained/fridayfictioneers/shorttsory/100words/19/04/2018

  1. That’s some revenge, I hope one day she can let go.

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  2. That’s grim. Maybe one day she will be able to forgive.

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  3. Moon

    What a terrible tragedy!
    Very well written, Neel.

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    1. Yes, a nightmare indeed. Hope it all ends. Thanks Moon.


  4. Sad and unforgiving – perhaps she’ll relent?

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  5. What a back story this one must have! Excellent writing, neel.

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  6. When ‘love’ – or, rather, emotional need – is as great as that, tragedy is always on the cards. Well written, Neel. You’ve caught both the beauty and the toxic nature of the bond between Steve and Sheeba.

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  7. Very disturbing story. Well done, Neel.

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  8. Hope she’ll be able to forgive in time. Excellent piece.

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  9. Well done Neel, but not pretty, a horrible state of affairs

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  10. gahlearner

    What a horrible revenge, deserved or not. I hope she learns to see this. No revenge will bring Steve back. Great writing.

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  11. Dear Neel,

    Sad, if not grisly.



    PS I think a tear dropped FROM her eye..;)

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