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By Neel Anil Panicker

These walls__the plaster all peeled off; the smell__dank, an all pervasive nauseatingly pungent odour so clinging that it threatens to lather me all over.

The roof above is a hallapolooza of cuts and bruises, the fan hanging down from it a twisted mass of archaic metal__ it’s fate worse than one facing the hangman’s noose.

Crestfallen, I slumber out.

A voice, doused in whisky besides last night’s gastronimic indulgences, croaks.

I stop dead in my track.

Crestfallen and now on my knees, I succumb to the lure, and slowly retrace my steps to resume what’s left of my debauched existence.

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22 thoughts on “neelwrites/afallenlife/fridayfictioneers/100words/12/04/2018

  1. Seems like they’ve hit rock bottom.

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  2. “Hallapalooza” – a new one for me. Rolls off the tongue nicely. Good one.

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  3. Moon

    Rich writing, Neel. I feel terrible about your narrator’s sense of helplessness and loss of control over his life.

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    1. Yes, my narrator deserves all manner of sympathy that we can offer him now. He’s really in the dumps. Thanks for the compliment, Moon.

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  4. You really evoked a sense of despair. Very vividly done.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  5. What a dreadful thing is alcohol addiction. Your graphic description of the rottenness of the surroundings mirrors and enhances our understanding of the narrator’s inner life. Good, powerful writing.

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  6. Wonderfully written piece which paints a sad and authentic image of despair when one is dependent on alcohol. A very important topic and a great story.

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  7. An evocative write. The despair comes through.


  8. gahlearner

    Great descriptions, not that I want to see or smell what the narrator does, mind. For him, it only can go upwards from there.

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  9. Oh! Either a horrible night or an awful life that needs to be left behind.

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    1. Could be either, but methinks he’s been in this mess since a long time.

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  10. Mike

    Nicely written Neel, You created some fine images, I wanted to know more about this interesting character, but a hundred word is a hundred words. Sadly

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    1. I agree that i have triggered a wave of curioisity and everyone would like to know more about my story’s character. Maybe, i would continue this, but then who knows because it’s all in the realm of time that we have no control over. Thanks Mike for the sentiments, nevertheless.


  11. Dear Neel,

    You depicted his miserable situation very well. I feel like I need to brush my teeth and take a shower.




  12. Despair, defeat, rot and decay. Perfectly depicted, hopelessness drawn in rich words.


  13. Truly an immense sense of desperation in this piece


  14. No escaping from that life, even though part of him would like to, it seems. Grimy and grimly described – well done Neel


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