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With time people change. In his case, for the better. I thought so.

And so gave the shoulder to his tantrums, his pronounced and highly misplaced sense of self that resulted, more often than not in he displaying his famed, (here i shall it make ill famed) braggadocio, his false sense of entitlement to all that is worthwhile and therefore worth begetting for himself.

I even managed to reason myself to believe that all his gargantuan failings, his elephantine errors of in weighty matters pertaining to the hearty and mind were nothing but a work in progress, simply a reminder that Nature had to take charge fully on him and complete its due cycle of total metamorphosis of his personality, that given time he would too see reason and fall in line with the rest of humanity and accept the mind numbking heart wrenching fact that all are blessed with what are called grey cells.

But despite all this reassuring of my heart, there still remained one thing that rankled me no end.

And that was his guffaw: those wild as a boar open mouthed wide eyed vocal renditions that emanated from his larger than normal mouth everytime someone so much as even alluded to leave alone connected his abysaml behaviour to a lack of pedigree and the pitfalls of having a half, or worse zero education.

At such times I would my simply fold my hands and looking upwards, seek strength from the Almighty above to grant me the power to pick and choose my childhood friends.

#neelanilpanicker #fiction #charactersketch #guffaw : A guffaw is a belly laugh: a laugh that bubbles up with good feeling and plenty of volume. At the end of a stressful day of work, it’s good to have some guffaws with your friends.

Tuesday Chatter Weekly


Tuesday Chatter Weekly

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  1. the only choice is to associate with CPs or not 🙂

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