SAY HI TO THE MOST POWERFUL ‘THING’ ON PLANET (SATIRE )  By Neel Anil Panicker ‘Dad, what’s T Rex? Is he a guy, or a horse, or a monster, perhaps? In school, all…Alex, Jenny, Pam, even Eddie___they tell me he’s the most powerful thing on this planet? Is that true, Dad?’ Richard looked amusedly at … Continue reading neelwrites/meetRex/sundayphotofiction/shortstory/200words/29/04/2018


DIZZY HEIGHTS   By Neel Anil Panicker Looking down from his 33rd floor deluxe suite of King’s Ransom Palace and Suites, Karl felt a surge of pride. As he blew Cuban cigar smokes into the rarefied air, the twenty-five year old felt literally as well as metaphorically on top of the world as he surveyed … Continue reading neelwrites/100wordwednesday/dizzyheights/fiction/flash/29/04/2018


Hurray!!!Yipee!!! I SURVIVED. Yes, I AM A SURVIVOR. On a whim and a fancy I had taken up for the first ever time the challenge of writing non-stop for the entire month of April ( well almost; to be pricise the first 26 days of the month) as part of the annual A-Z APRIL CHALLENGE. … Continue reading neelwrites/A-ZAPRILCHALLENGESURVIVOR/28/04/2018


SOWING SEEDS OF REVOLT By Neel Anil Panicker Jiten Manjhi turned around and looked over at his friend and beyond at the wide arid farmland that spread out before his eyes for acres and acres. “A huge come down, ain’t this?” his friend Soren Lakra hollered as he dug his shovel deep into the hard … Continue reading neelwrites/sowingseedsofrevolt/flashfictionforaspiringwriters/shortstory/28/04/2018


HIGH STAKES By Neel Anil Panicker Cyrus Beene lifted his hands off the steering wheel and picking up the phone that rested on the seat beside him read the message that came alive on the phone screen in big, black letters, “IT’S DONE. HE’S SHOT…THREE BULLETS”. A spasmodic wave of sheer delight ran through his … Continue reading neelwrites/highstakes/ThreeLineTales/fiction/flash/shortstory/28/04/2018


BLIND LOVE (Genre: Realistic fiction) By Neel Anil Panicker Mr President Sir, i am sorry but as your Chief of Staff and more importantly as your best friend, i implore you to desist from what you are so hell bent on doing for it is nothing short of harakiri, political suicide. If divorcing my foul … Continue reading neelwrites/blindlove/sixsentencestories/fiction/flash/shortstory/27/04/2018