By Neel Anil Panicker

Professor Amritanand had done his job_ he had prepared the years’ Matriculation Mathematics paper.

Now, all he had to do was seal it in an envelope and lock it in the strong room.

He was about to do so when his mind sprang alive with the conversation of the previous evening.

The man over the telephone had said “Please hand over a duplicate question paper”.

‘That’s cheating’,  he had retorted, adding, ‘I won’t do it.’

“For Rs 30 lakhs you definitely would, Sir,”.

Professor Anand let his fingers fly.

He never was one to say no to money.

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March 29: Flash Fiction Challenge


March 29: Flash Fiction Challenge

8 thoughts on “neelwrites/easymoney/fiction/shortstory/100words/flashfictionchallenge/31/03/2018

  1. In the tug between values, often it is the value of money that wins over doing right. Well done, Neel.

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  2. Hmm. How much does it take to buy what we want?

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  3. A topical tale once again.

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