By Neel Anil Panicker

It was a pure happenstance, something absolutely unplanned, but then again something fated to happen, as pre-ordained as the arrangement of the stars, and the ubiquitous rising and setting of the sun, as inevitable as the arrival of the milk man come every morn.

Speaking of milk men and mornings, that’s when it happened or to put it more accurately that’s when the mishap occurred, the initial mishap that led to a series of further mishaps that finally, after running its full course of several hair raising ups and downs, culminated into an unforgettably beautiful happening, a joyous event, a happy moment that can only be called a once in a lifetime galactic occurrence, or in my instance a once in several lifetimes occurrence which was my falling in love and subsequent marriage to Ashok.

I can still remember the moment, the exact minutes down to the very last second that sultry Monday morning when I opened the door to our sea side ground floor apartment.

There he stood, his right hand pressed to the door bell, his body half bent, almost reclining against the wall.

Before I could even fathom what was happening, he had collapsed onto the floor and it was when I looked down that I noticed, to my utter horror and fright, the blood__ small red blotches splattered all over his white shirt and that were fast creating even smaller little puddles on the mosaic floor of the verandah.

(to be continued)

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