three line tales week 113: a close up of a road in Rome

By Neel Anil Panicker

As the plane landed on the airport tarmac accompanied by the deafening sound of the tyres hitting the asphalt below, the slight turbulence forced Edwin to look outside from his window seat.

Despite the very late hour, the city of New York looked dainty as if bedecked in the best of bridal finery and with the radiance of a thousand bright stars___the peaks of its towering skyscrapers bright blinking kaleidoscopic dots set against the backdrop of the star spangled skies.

Joining the passengers out of the exit gate, Ramesh found himself suddenly enveloped by a whirlpool of emotions as his mind grappled with the sudden mind numbing realisation that within fifteen minutes the unthinkable was about to happen __the much awaited, much coveted meeting with Arshi, his ‘online’ friend, the one he had known for the past six long years but never ever met.


Three Line Tales, Week 113

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