Friday Foto Fiction Photo Prompt

By Neel Anil Panicker

‘You don’t drink!’ It was less of a question, but more of an affront.

To the crowd who were hovering around her, by denying herself the pleasures of a drink or two, she stood out as an oddity.

Harish offered a life saver.

“Hey Sharmi, how about a Margarita. Or maybe, for starters a mocktail__ a Blood Orange Gin and Tonic? Trust me, the sweet and tarty flavour is going to enliven your mood.”

‘I don’t…but then…’

Sharmistha looked over at Harish, and nodded her approval.

A nice guy, she thought to herself. Nice but gullible, like all the others had been.

She looked around at the hall full of bankers. They were all enjoying themselves, their cheerful banter and infectious laughter resonating all around.

I better stick to my small town innocent persona if I intend to loot this crowd set of city slick bankers off all their money, she mused.


Flash Fiction Writing Prompt – #FridayFotoFiction March 23 –March 26 Prompt

12 thoughts on “neelwrites/careforadrink/fridayfotofiction/150words/24/03/2018

  1. Its unlikely that your tales will end without a suspense element Neel!

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  2. So innocent and yet so sly. Well done.

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  3. This is the best take on the prompt I’ve read so far, Neel!
    Simply brilliant!
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFition

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  4. A great mysterious ending to the story.

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  5. This was intriguing. Nicely done!!

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  6. Tina Basu

    ohhh my, that was a nice end Neel. Thanks for participating in #FridayFotoFiction.

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