three line tales week 112: an inquisitive sheep

photo by Sam Carter via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

Through the semi darkness, unmindful of the several pairs of eyes that pinned onto her, Sabina stared at her father, at her Abba, the sixty year old silver bearded man who had been her life, her heart beat through the tortuous turns their lives had taken so far.

Money, or specifically, the lack of it, coupled with keeping on with the diktats of non-existent family pride and honour had prejudiced him, forced him to bow the world around him, to view everything around him through cataract ridden, skewed blinkers.

Then, after what seemed an eternity, she lowered her head and through the thin veil that covered her moon-white face she half nodded her head,  signalling her acquiescence, her submission to the dictates of her father that she who had yet to see her sixteenth summer, get married to a man her Abba’s age, the lamb readying herself for the  slaughter.

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Three Line Tales, Week 112

Three Line Tales, Week 112

3 thoughts on “neelwrites/slaughter/threelinetales/shortstory/150words/23/03/2018

  1. I know this still happens in parts of the world, but it doesn’t make it any easier to read. Don’t get me wrong. The story is well written. It is just the subject matter that irks me.

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    1. I totally understand what you have to say. It is a very sad reality of our times. Thanks Athling.


  2. Woah, that was such a powerful tale. You did juice your three lines to the max there Neel 🙂


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