PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg

By Neel Anil Panicker

They shared a special bond__ Pranesh and the hills. Growing up as a child, he would spend countless hours, straddling (his less lucky city bred classmates called it climbing) the moutaineous terrains.

Hopping from from one heart stopping hair pin bend onto the other, he would scour the rocky landscapes, quite often staring down at the sparse hutments and their denizens___small little ants that wriggled the parched fields below.

And so it was that on entering adulthood; also around the time when he honoured the first of his professional contracts, he knew exactly where and how to dispose off his victims.

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33 thoughts on “neelwrites/hiddenfromview/fridayfictioneers/shortstory/fiction/100words/21/03/2018

  1. He’s got to get them up the mountain first

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  2. Good story, Neel, you painted a great picture of your hitman.

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  3. As they say you can get inspirations from just about anywhere.

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  4. Pranesh the hitman. Just the thought’s enough to put me off mountaineering!

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  5. Eventually the buzzards will give him away!

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  6. Good take Neel, a convincing character.


  7. Dear Neel,

    The last line made me choke. Well done.




  8. A ‘supari killer’. Nice take.


  9. No knowledge is ever wasted, is it? I like how our sympathies are turned around at the end.


  10. Didn’t see that coming, Neel. Good story.


  11. Oh! BAM! Great twist completely unexpected.


  12. yikes – I was thinking this was a sweet nature piece….
    pulled in by the bonding with the hills and the nature vibe so delightful – and then came the victims! pow – changed it all up…


  13. Many good careers means walking over bodies… but not always literary


  14. Dale

    So much for just enjoying the climb…I, too, am interested in finding out just how he plans on bringing up the bodies!


  15. That ending really took me by surprise! N|ice one Neel.

    Click to read my 100 Word Story!


  16. That last line had an almost biblical resonance to it. Good one.

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  17. Mike

    One slip and the mountains will take their revenge. I enjoyed the writing style of this.

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  18. But how would he take them all up so high?

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  19. Interesting when you know that Pranesh means ‘lord of life’. So he was literally living up to his name.

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  20. Boy, what a twist there in the end. So innocent and innocuous at first then bam! Well done.

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  21. Neel, so much story in just 100 words. I wasn’t expecting a murderer to be in your story. Surprise !!! Good writing ….
    Isadora 😎

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  22. small little ants that wriggled the parched fields below ~ I love this line.


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