By Neel Anil Panicker

Your sixteenth birthday, remember?

That look on your face says it all.

It’s the same one you gave your Dad when he caught you with that ruffian; the two of you in the


Did you know what happened after that? What happened to Albert, your ‘first love’?

Of course, you knew.

Why else would you have run away from home the very next night and landed

up at Uncle Tim’s, three days later?

How do I know all these things?

Well, I’m your unseen camera, the one you threw away when you found pictures of your

Mom with …”

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31 thoughts on “neelwrites/keeperofsecrets/fridayfictioneers/flashfiction/shortstory/100words

  1. Dale

    Oh my! What a fabulous take on the prompt, Neel!!


  2. Ooooh, with whom, with whom??????

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    1. I know, you are dying to know, Anurag.
      But then the secret is with the ‘keeper ‘.

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  3. I think most of us would be unhappy with an unseen camera capturing our every move! Nice idea.

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  4. Ah. That last line may explain all that went before. All the upset and trouble these things can cause. Well written Neel

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    1. Yes, it’s a blast from the past. Thanks a lit, Lynn.

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  5. Great take. No need of any old cameras – Big brother is watching.

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  6. A troubled soul, for sure, with a trusty camera who can no longer be trusted. Quite a lot of story in here, Neel. Congrats.

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  7. Ouch! Now that’s one creepy anthropomorphic camera. Nicely done.

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  8. Such a great idea, hidden consciousness and the camera. Very well done, loved it.

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    1. I am honoured. Your appreciation is much appreciated, Sandra.


  9. Dear Neel,

    Love this. The celestial camera keeping track…or the conscience. Either way it works. Well done.



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  10. That camera should keep its lens cover on !

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  11. You’ve written an ingenious and effective take on the prompt, Neel. What a lot of unanswered questions you leave us with! Fascinating – and frustrating! Your main character seems to have felt that her mother’s infidelity was a licence for her own failure to remain chaste before marriage.

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  12. Wow. One of your very best, Neel.

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  13. Truly a “hidden camera.” Kinda’ make me want to look over my shoulder.

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  14. Secrets are the stuff of some of the best stories. Great take on the prompt, Neel.

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  15. teased us as we want to know….


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