three line tales, week 110: strangely cheery but apocalyptic post boxes

photo by Jerry Kiesewetter via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

The instructions from the captain were crystal clear: Paint them green, the ship, it’s hull, everything damn thing, including the most priceless one___those steel chests__ the magnificent seven rectangular boxes with lids that curved and opened upwards into the vast skies, its contents glistening like  a thousand shimmering shells for all the world and it’s neighbour to gawk at.

“We, the lucky few, who venture into the sea, traverse far and wide, hopping  in and out of strange ports and harbours, often, for months, living away from our near and dear ones, are mighty proud of what we do and let the world go green with envy watching us come back after each round trip around the world, each of us, our chests filled with pride, and bringing back chests full of the most exotic treasures that folks of our small impoverished village have never ever set their eyes upon.”

He was right; the captain, but of course, for it were those very green boxes that did the trick; its charming contents acting as the right bait to entice more and more young men with stars in their eyes to join us and take to the seas, ultimately resulting in not just they, but the whole village turning into one of the most prosperous lands on the entire Konkan coast.

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Three Line Tales, Week 110

Three Line Tales, Week 110

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