By Neel Anil Panicker

Shelly closed the door, drew the curtains, and after switching off the lights, sat in the corner edge of the now darkened room.

The last six months had been the most traumatic period of her life what with her husband, her dear darling husband__the one for whom she had turned her back against her entire family, even to the point of severing all relations with them__dead, gone off in a jiffy, perishing to one of fate’s whimsical turns.

Bereft and left with no substantive funds, and with two mouths to feed, life had come to a standstill, where all roads led to a dead end and the only recourse left for her was to step out of her hitherto cocooned existence and get herself a job, any job, a job that would keep body and soul together and help her raise her six year old son.

But who would give a 30-year-old undergraduate with zilch experience a job in a highly cut throat competitive market teeming with ultra qualified super achievers?

None, except one__a man who she met quite serendipitously while at a job interview, a man who owned a company worth hundreds of crores, a 55 year old much married man who lived in a de luxe villa and moved around in fancy cars, also a man with a taste for beautiful women.

And so when the offer came she took the bait and saw in him the crane that would help left her out of the deep morass that her life had become.

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7 thoughts on “neelwrites/liftingherself/sixsentencestories/fiction/flash/258words/09/03/2018

  1. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…


  2. Probably a bad situation brewing here. But I love the way you used the prompt – definitely an original take on it.


  3. “Took the bait”… I don’t think she is going to be lifted up in the end.


  4. Good use of crane Neel but I fear the man is not going to give her the type of job she’d hoped for.


  5. nice work with the metaphor*
    I, for one, suspect that he has more to worry about than her. ya know?

    * I loves me some good metaphor

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very well done, Neel! You gave us a good understanding of her situation and why she might accept this job so willingly, knowing that the “good luck” she has found in being offered this position is likely to not be so good, but she is desperate, and desperation breeds strange bedfellows.


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