three line tales 5: world book day edition

By Neel Anil Panicker

If one were to ask him the one thing he would love to do all his life, his answer to that would be, and that too without batting an eye__in the library, his nose buried under a pile books.

History, Geography Philosophy, Arts, Anthropology, the Sciences, Literature, Religion, Politics, Economics, Sikhism, Nihilism, Judaism, New Classicism, this ism, that ism…you name it __he loved reading every little bit of piece on Planet Earth, under it, even things much beyond; expending days and nights poring over thick sepia tones, half faded, most infested tomes of greats such as Shakespeare, Gandhi, Socrates, Freud, Aristotle, Zeus, Stephen Halking, George Washington, Lincoln, the Kennedys, Clooney, Columbus et al.

Of course, it did help that he too was one among them, one who the world knew as a certain Winston Churchill, the greatest war time prime minister that England had ever had.

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Three Line Tales, Week Five

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