26 Jade Wong March 4th 2018

By Neel Anil Panicker

It was the third continuous night and BSF constable Avdhesh Ramgharia had not taken his eyes off the ‘snowman’. From his post, an all stone square cubicle, cleverly camouflaged with thick green foliage, he adjusted the curvature of his long range telescopic lens and peered into the darkness half a kilometre away.

There it stood, in no man’s land, an apparition in white, no more than four feet tall, barely metres away from the barbed electric wires that separated the two warring countries, India and Pakistan.

As a child he had heard tales from his grandmother about such dwarfed creatures, strangers from outer space who straddled the high snow capped mountains, dragging their their big feet along, disappearing into the valleys only to reappear moments later from behind some other peak several kilometres afar__the giant footprints etched on the trail the only proof of their ‘existence’.

But this was circa 2018, the age of the Internet; the era of grandiose Space explorations. He decided not to take any chances. It was time to inform his superiors.

He turned on the wireless.

By the time his superior’s voice came alive, it was too late.

The bullet had smashed through his skull.


Sunday Photo Fiction – March 4th 2018

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