three line tales, week 109: inside the wave

By Neel Anil Panicker

Life’s a beach, thought Mehul as he ogled on the endless stretch of near naked bodies in various stages of copulation, the sun’s rays making shimmering patterns on the sandy pebbles as human desires crested to stratospheric heights with every swig of the beer bottle and puff of cigarette.

Like pure honey dripping down one’s throat, sip by sip, the words of his mentor, Shobhan Bhai, trickled down his brain, tickling him no end: “Remember, when you are filthy rich no one cares how you earned them. Simply enjoy”.

Mehul Hitenbhai Choksi, until yesterday just another struggling small time jeweller, but today better known nee notorious as the master fraudster who had swindled Indian banks off trillions of dollars smiled into the sea, a slow, languorous spread that became one with the vast all enveloping spread of the froth filled crystal blue waters.

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Three Line Tales, Week 109

1 thought on “neelwrites/life’sabeach/threelinetales/shortstory/fiction/143words/03/03/2018

  1. Success is measured in terms of wealth, not honesty. We will continue to breed this species.


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