By Neel Anil Panicker

She was all things to all people, especially to her innumerable lovers.

Some called her egalitarian, a libertarian, a person who believed in giving her all, mind, body and soul, in no particular order,  though there were still some naysayers, that very rare breed of perennially Doubting Thomases who doubted is she possessed the last stated quality.

To them she was a ravishingly beautiful seductress who, having worked her considerable charm on each of her suitors, pitted them against one another, and then blissfully watched them from the sides, as the hapless ‘victims’ fought amongst themselves. It was a never ending game in which there no one winner and everybody ended up on the losing side, save the woman for whom the entire was staged, or to paraphrase, stage managed.

Sadist is what they called her for her (mis)deeds; Sadist-Marxist, to be precise.
Sadist because she seemed to relish nee derive unadulterated pleasure out of watching her considerable retinue of ‘admirers’ fighting and killing themselves, all to lay claim to her; Marxist, because she genuinely believed that the only way for a society to progress was through constant class struggle.

Replace ‘society’ with her, and class struggle with “never ending feuds among her lovers” and what emerges thereafter is rightful ‘transfer of property’, that’s she.

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7 thoughts on “neelwrites/lovemarxiststyle/sixsentencestories/fiction/shortstory/01/03/2018

  1. I like how Marxism has been symbolized. The beauty of chaos is that everything finds its place – not necessarily the right one.

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  2. valj2750

    Love the metaphorical and I just got a wee hint of who might be taking the transfer of blog hop. (Tee hee, I’m delighted).

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  3. oh, man! what a Six… (I’m usually running out the door when I try to knock off a couple of Sixes)… but this one!
    so…. are we challenging the virtue of the Marxist by ascribing blame for the ravening appetites of the suitors to her beauty…or her intent.
    dude! I need to get back to you on this!

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  4. A fascinating tale of a life interwoven with philosophy. Wow, look out for this one, remorse clearly isn’t part of the picture. Well done.


  5. Wow Neel. This is food for thought – she sure was all things to all people – love the philosophical discussion. My mind is not made up.


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