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By Neel Anil Panicker

Mumma, it’s getting late. I am leaving. Bye.”

“Ok Rahul. I have placed your lunch box. Also your Lab coat. Remember, today is your Practicals. And be careful, don’t misplace your pencil box again.”

As Asha turned around from the door, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

‘Baby, you sure you will be fine? I can cancel my flight if you want.’

“No not at all. You proceed. You said the Japanese are coming, right? It’s a big deal, and  I don’t want the brightest manager of Amtek Technologies sitting at home and twiddling his thumbs while someone else hogs the limelight”.

Shami opened his mouth to say something but Asha quietened him with a slight peck and straightening his tie, led him out of the house.

With both hubby and son disposed off, Asha plonked herself on the sofa and awaited the ring of the phone.

It was a call that could change the course of her life. Not only hers but also her family’s, their entire collective futures were linked to that one call.

Would it be positive or negative? Her thoughts went back to last week.

‘Asha, there’s a tumour in your lungs. We are not sure if it’s cancerous. Let’s wait for the final report.’

The phone rang. For a while it didn’t register, lost as she were in the doctor’s words.

The tenth ring woke her up; she found herself shaking, her hands trembling, the palms turning moist.

Her mind went into a tizzy as her heart beats began to jump up and down like a yo-yo gone off the rails.

With great difficulty she picked up the phone only to hear the words, ‘Asha, you are safe. It’s just a lump.”

©neelanilpanicker2018 #fiction #flashfiction #shortstory #288words

Weekend Writing Prompt #43 – Heartbeat

Weekend Writing Prompt #43 – Heartbeat

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