By Neel Anil Panicker

The man in the white coat set aside the magnifying glass and proclaimed, ‘This is basalt, a hard extrusive igneous hexagonal rock with very low silica content, low viscosity and…”

“Spare me the monologue, Professor Gaikwad. I’m a police officer and…”


‘And also my younger brother’s college mate, right?


Inspector Sharma pursed his lips before replying, “Right sir, and more importantly, I am currently grappling with a murder, rather three murders, and the only clue that I have so far is the presence of this black stone with greyish patches at every murder site”.


The petrologist scratched the edges of his nose before answering, ‘Hmm…tell me, where exactly did you find these stones, Sharma?


“All around north rural Goa, the last, in a semi-forested area that abuts a small stream.”


‘You see, such basaltic rocks are the result of volcanic lava eruptions.’


It was now Inspector Sharma’s turn to scratch his nose.

“But there no volcanos in the entire Konkan coast”.


‘I know. So, could be the killer has come from Mars, or even Moon.’


FFfAW Challenge-Week of February 20, 2018

1 thought on “neelwrites/betweenarockanda…/FFfAW/shortstory/175words/22/02/2018

  1. He must be from Mars because I don’t think there are any volcanoes on the Moon. Great story Neel! It kept my interest.


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