By Neel Anil Panicker

Remember, buy only one which offers both support and traction; that way you will avoid slipping while making those uphill climbs,” gruff Thomson commanded in his stentonarian voice that boomed like a approaching train engine’s incessant horns as it swept past any unmanned railway crossing.

‘It is but de regueur for a long distance runner to invest in a good pair of running shoes that absorbs all the shock when the feet hit terra firma, or else there is every possibility of the ankles and tendons getting permanently damaged.’

“Jesus! Give me a break” cried out Steve inwardly, wishing he could tell his doctor father who, incidentally also held a doctorate in Sports Medicine, not to worry so much as all he wanted was to wear was a pair of snazzy psychedelic sneakers that would be impressive to melt the pony tailed bouncy girl who had moved in next building, the one ran around the park as if she were a world class athlete in the making, come every morning.

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Three Line Tales, Week 108

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Three Line Tales, Week 108

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  1. A hard father to live with by the sounds of it!

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