By Neel Anil Panicker 
It started out pretty innocently, a casual dalliance, a mere fling, one of those outings that two high ranking and married individuals engage in when work demands drive them to spend endless hours closeted together on weekends.
But in between poring over voluminous data and  decoding intricate red and green squares that blipped on Excel sheets and pie charts, the two stumbled upon each other’s eyes.
It was not very long after that the peering shifted onto other contours of the human body.
Thereafter, the flood gates of unbridled passion were smashed open and the two succumbed to the  undulating pleasures of the human flesh and found themselves drowing in the maddening sea of lust.
By the time the two lust driven waywards realised the gargantuan folly of their debauchery and put an end to their nocturnal indiscretions it was too late.
It had cost two bitter divorcees besides leaving behind a retinue of severely disaffected young ones, their collectives fates hanging in limbo.
 (C)2018neelanilpanicker #fiction #shortstory

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