PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Son, see that tree over there?’

“That’s barely a tree, Dad.”

‘Son, that’s the work of man. Evil men. Precisely, a few evil men.’

“Dad, what do they want?”

‘Son, they want to claim the tree for themselves, roots and all. Each warring group has laid claim to its ownership.’

“But dad, what’s there to fight over a tree? A tree that gives us fruits and flowers, provides shelter, and even supplies us with wood?”

‘Exactly my son, but try telling that to grown up men.’

“Dad, if this is what grownups do then I’m better off remaining a child.”




2 February 2018

26 thoughts on “neelwrites/stuntedgrowth/fiction/fridayfictioneers/100words/01/02/2018

  1. Moon

    Great Story, Neel.
    Really liked your last line.

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  2. Doesn’t matter what it is, humans will always think they should have it instead of them. Typical!

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  3. Out of the mouths of babes! Well told tale Neel

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    1. Dale

      Exactly the words I was going to write!

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  4. I sometimes wonder if that isn’t what my grandchildren are thinking. Nicely captured.

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    1. Quite possibly, with these kids you never know. Thanks Sandra


  5. Dale

    Since Lynn stole my words 😉 … let me just say that children so often see much clearer than adults do…

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  6. From the mouths of babes! Children tell it like it is, when adults try to pretend it isn’t.

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  7. Dear Neel,

    Peter Pan had the right idea, didn’t he. The child in your story is wise beyond his years. Good one.



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  8. Yayyy! My very favourite story of the week. A clear-eyed view of what so many men seem to think is reasonable behaviour. Love it, Neel!

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  9. The kid would do well to remember this last line for the rest of his life.

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  10. michael1148humphris

    Neel You have nailed this one, it is great story with a telling message,

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  11. Yes, that’s something not just children but all of us must remember and heed by. Thanks Anurag


  12. How often have I have wished I was a child again? Ignorance is bliss.

    Click to read my FriFic!

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  13. From the mouths of little one …… Nicely done.

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  14. The world is so simple from a child’s perspective. Why do we lose that?

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  15. Kids have more wisdom than worldly adults. I learn from my daughter everyday. So simple in their joy and state of being.

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