By Neel Anil Panicker

Father, I feel lost, of no use. My life has turned pitch dark and shorn of all light.

“That’s not the case, my son. There’s light at the end of the tunnel?”

Father, but I see no tunnel, no light? Where is it?

“Son, you are mistaken. Look inside you and you’ll find it.”

Father, if what you say is true, how do we discover it?

“Faith, son, faith. For that to happen you need to keep faith, have trust, believe in yourself, believe in the munificence of the Almighty who trusted you and gifted you the light. Have faith and the tunnel will find you. It is within you, within each one of us; eternally lit, forever guiding our path, hacking through the dark underbelly of our lives and illuminating it with its brilliance.”

How would we know we have reached it?

“You will not know it but you will feel it. Your entire being will glow with an inner radiance. You will feel happy as if you have attained enlightenment aka Gautam Buddha.”

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 30, 2018

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13 thoughts on “neelwrites/brightaslight/FFfAW/shortstory/175words/30/01/2018

  1. The skincatching the light attracted my attention too. Excellent take!

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  2. Very thoughtful and peaceful. Very nice.

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  3. A change of mood and style from you there Neel. I like it.

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  4. Different from your normal stories Neel. Nicely done.

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  5. Light at the end of the tunnel usually means that you’re in a dark tunnel, which is a bad thing, and that the dim light at the far end represents hope that the darkness will eventually end and you’ll exit the tunnel. Interesting that here one must find the tunnel and darkness first.

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  6. Brilliant! Very enlightening story, Neel!

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