By Neel Anil Panicker

Under the thin near faded out cotton saree that Rina was wearing, a sudden jab of pain shot through her chest as she violently dug her dirty long nails into the knuckles of her hands.

After much effort she looked up and across the table at her tormentor Mr Das, the night supervisor, the one who was hell bent on making her life difficult, the one was was now eyeing her with unbridled lasciviousness, the one who was unashamedly licking his lips in anticipation of the answer that he expected of her ever since she had joined Bright Cotton Fashions as an apprentice six months ago.

Her heart trembling, the lips quivering, her voluptuous body shivering uncontrollably and on the verge of collapse, Rina looked at the evil figure in front of her and somehow prised open her lips to say NO but the words simply refused to come out of her mouth.

Instead, dis-formed montages of a cancer stricken husband, a paralytic bed ridden mother, three impoverished school going children, their mouths gaping at empty food plates floated in and out of her benumbed mindscape.

YES,” she screamed out, “I cannot afford to leave this job. I will do whatever you say”

‘Good. Then it’s settled. We have an agreement. You get to keep the wages. And I get to keep you’.



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5 thoughts on “neelwrites/unjustwages/sixsentencestories/flash/223words/12/01/2018

  1. An ugly reality, all too often. Nicely done.

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  2. UP

    Disturbing! But too true in far too many places. Good job.

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  3. It’s one of those stories where I didn’t want to use the “like” button, but to give you credit for telling he story well.


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