222 01 January 7th 2018

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Srry, Ritz drlng. Am held up. Urgent biz con. Will take 4 hrz.  Luv, Inder”.

The slimy bastard! Still carrying on with his old ways.

In the dark, Rita felt her grip tighten on the tiny Glock 45 pistol.

Her face turned a ghostly mass as she inserted the silencer onto the weapon, cold finger tips caressing the trigger.

For one last time, she peered out through the windshield, her gaze falling on the second floor apartment.

Dim fluorescent light emanated from behind thick bedroom windows.

‘So this is where he holds his urgent business conferences.’

Hot molten blood swirled, churned, and burnt her insides as she felt herself being swept away in a massive tidal wave of maddening anger.

Sorry…Ritz darling…meetings…Luv Inder___all mere words. Not a penny’s worth. It was time she put an end to this sham.

Time she called off the marriage. Time she silenced him, eased him of all pleasure; eased herself of all pain. The woman, too. That cock sucker bimbette of an office secretary__it was time for her to go too.

She stepped out into the cold and made her way up the stairs, unmindful of the lone dog that was wagging its tail.

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7 thoughts on “neelwrites/sundayphotofiction/shortstory/200words/08/01/2018

  1. The poor guy could have been meeting a client at his/her home. I have a feeling she is being too impetuous, and will soon regret her rash behaviour.

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    1. I pray that is is the case but by all accounts it all looks like a real case of big time cheating. Eaach ways its going to be fireworks. Thanks for the read and the comments, Anurag.

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  2. Hell hath no fury. Let’s hope she’s mistaken and realises that’s the case before she does the deed.
    I might be wrong, but although a Glock .45 would be compact compared to Dirty Harry’s Magnum often same calibre, it would still be a pretty substantial handgun.
    Good writing though.


  3. Hmm, taut scenario here, Neel, no happy ending, I fear.

    There are several different flavours of Glock 45, not sure any of them can be described as tiny.


  4. michael1148humphris

    Might he be picking up a puppy as a present for her.🙂


  5. That will certainly put an end to his misdemeanours.


  6. I also think she should look before she shoots. In fact, she will probably be arrested for murder and hung. She’ll be in a lot worse trouble then. Good writing, Neel. —- Suzanne


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