By Neel Anil Panicker

Ali looked on, nonplussed, individually scanning the faces of all the four.

His eyes bore through the tallest of the them, the long haired, nose pierced, teeth yellowed Lama.

The latter was nearing the end of his hour long monologue.

He had by now run threadbare through each detail, explaining, detailing and analysing the cumulative ramifications of it all.

‘So in effect you are saying that this bank, manned by an armed security guard and eighteen close circuit cameras and that too located bang on the middle of a perennially busy main thoroughfare is ideal for us to carry out a strike and scoot off with fifty million rupees, right?

“No, all I say is that it is a start if not the perfect one.”

©2018neelanilpanicker #125words #sixsentencestories

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