Three Line Tales, Week 100 (!!!)

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three line tales, week 100: a ferris wheel in Paris with soldiers patrolling


By Neel Anil Panicker

Two dead in late night pub shootout…Drunken revelry ends in six dead…Roof Top party ends in smoke…City erupts in violence.

New Year’s newspaper headlines never changed, they only got worse as Inspector Sharma heard his wife slam the phone down on the other end, supremely pissed off by his pithy explanations for once again not being home to ring in the start of 2018.

Sharma sat down resignedly at his desk, splashed a large swig of McDonald’s Whisky onto his face, mumbled something which was incomprehensible to even his own ears, and then looking across to his Man Friday Constable Pandey slurred, “Whoever said ‘the old order changeth to give way to the new’ was a big asshole”.

©neelanilpanicker2018 #fiction #flash #ThreeLineTales


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