By Neel Anil Panicker

Om Baba watched nee studied her, his eyes, a demon’s, red and bulging out of their sockets as they bored into hers, lasciviously running through every inch of her voluptuous figure.

“My lord, what more can I do. Haven’t I done enough already. Can’t you see that I have nothing more to give?”

Baba darted his charcoal black tongue out, ran it languorously over his thick swarthy lips.

He knew what she was saying.

In the past six months, she had done all that he had ordered__walked barefoot to his ashram, located a good three kilometers deep inside the jungles every single day to recite some incomprehensible Sanskrit verses that he had told her to mouth ten times a day; ensured zero contact with her husband (even going to the extent of sleeping in separate rooms); served him daily the tastiest non vegetarian food that he had ever eaten__his favourite chicken breast, deep fried and liberally sprinkled with spicy condiments.

Each offering had brought her closer to her goal, or so she thought.

“You need a son. Tonight your wish will be granted. God will grant it to you, through me, his medium.”

She braced herself for the final offering.


10 thoughts on “neelwrites/ombaba’swisdom/fiction/spf/flash/200words/31/12/2017

  1. I am guessing that Om Baba is some sort of ‘spiritual’ leader, and a vile creature.
    Powerful story of depravity disguised as religion.

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  2. michael1148humphris

    Om Baba, demanding and dangerous. Well told Neel

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  3. You had me at “voluptuous.” Figured that would be the final offering.

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  4. Creepy. It sounds to me like another #MeToo story (well told however)


  5. I had trouble clicking the ‘like’ button – it was so well told


  6. Evil in human form. Your description brought this villain alive, Neel. It’s scary there are real people who prey on human weakness in this way. Good writing, Neel. —- Suzanne


  7. Great story. Reminds me a bit of a book by Seyi Sandra David – Cydonia. I like it.


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