Weekend Writing Prompt #35 – End of Year Challenge

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 End of Year Challenge





By Neel Anil Panicker

“It’s the End of the Year Challenge. Who’s up for it?”

None moved, all had their eyes closed and necks craning upwards, not even one daring to look down.

Finally John, ever the court jester, ambled up to the front and spoke, his voice, a broken whisper, “Hey buddies, chin up, it’s just water, plain water. What the big deal? Nothing’s going to happen.”

Three pairs of eyes___Oscar, Harry and Nelson’s__ opened, albeit slightly, and looked at him. Fear writ large on all of them.

‘If you are so confident why don’t you do it, John?’

John looked across at Nelson and suddenly felt blood drain out of his veins.

Cold fear girdled up his loins.

Nelson was the group bully. A hustler, the one who always got away with the ‘easy’ tasks.

John weighed his options. He could say no but then that would be a make him a pussy, a weakling. As such they called him ‘sissy’.

He had to shrug off that label. A new year was about to unfold. He needed an image makeover, gain respect, be counted as a man.

But then what about the flip side? The pond was ten feet deep, filled with water, enough to drown anyone, least of all a mere slip of a boy.

He took a deep breath and spoke, his voice a raised timbre, “Ok, I will do it. But here’s the deal. I need you guys to sponsor me one large Peppy Paneer izza plus Coke every week for the entire 2018.”

A gasp floated through the air. Someone let out a muted ‘what’?

‘Ok, deal accepted. Now jump, Johnnie baby. I don’t think you’ll come out of that alive’.

John caught the leer in Nelson’s voice.

He had to do it__ there was no going back now.

Closing his eyes, John stepped forward and leapt into the cold waters.

As his frail bony self hit the icy waters, he prayed that the swimming lessons that he had surreptitiously learnt on You Tube channels were enough to keep him afloat.

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4 thoughts on “neelwrites/ENDOFYEARCHALLENGE/FICTION/SHORTSTORY346WORDS/30/12/2017

  1. Scary! Peer pressure and bullying can destroy…

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  2. Swimming lessons on You Tube? Well I guess everything else is on there, so why not? Great take Neel. Happy New Year to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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