29 December 2017



By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Marriage is like a cycle. Once you hop onto it there’s no stepping down.’

“There you go, Reverend Father Ronnie Screwalla. Still sermonising from the pulpit a good 72 hours after Christmas.”

‘Glad you didn’t find it pompous?’

“Knowing you I simply saved my breath, my dear.”

‘I was just proposing to you, my love.’

“Glad you made that clear. I was about to misconstrue it to be some

kind of a warning, perhaps a premonition, maybe even some sort of a veiled threat.”

‘So, what do you say, my darling?’

“Well, it all depends on who does the pedalling?”

©neelanilpanicker2017 #fiction #fridayfictioneers #100words #shortstory

41 thoughts on “neelwrites/whataride!/fiction/shortstory/100words/28/12/2017

  1. I like the idea of the prompt being a metaphor for marriage!

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  2. That was a clever take on the prompt

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  3. Ha ha! They need a tandem!

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    1. Very badly at that! Thanks for reading and commenting, Jane.


  4. Dear Neel,

    Once a preacher always a preacher. I agree with Jane. They need a tandem. 😉 Good one.



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  5. Ha ha ha. And while pedaling, they need to balance all those wheels too 🙂

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  6. Very imaginative take on the prompt. I enjoyed reading this, Neel.

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  7. A highly original take, Neel – let’s hope they can construct some kind of vehicle that suits the both of them! Nicely done

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  8. An intelligent take on an intelligent picture that could so easily save the world and end it. Nice one.

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  9. Just wait a bit longer… his proposition is about improve… he will pedal if she just wait a bit

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  10. Dale

    I’m with Björn… wait for him to pedal a better proposal. That said, she seems to totally understand him so maybe this would work out after all!

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    1. That’s the optimism that the shall pedal their love. Thanks Dale.

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  11. Both characters seem comfortable with each other. It should be a good marriage

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  12. Moon

    Great take on the prompt, Neel.

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  13. Clever take. I’m sure she’ll say yes once they establish his responsibility to keep pedalling

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  14. fun writing and I like the idea of a tandem bike…
    also – this name:
    Reverend Father Ronnie Screwalla
    nice name

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  15. I loved his name too, Neel. This was a fun story and the dialogue was perfect! Well done.

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  16. Delightful, Neel. Thanks for the smile.

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  17. I think she has the measure of him. He’ll be doing the pedalling, and mostly uphill.

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  18. A well-matched couple. They’ll tease each other and work together – and she will be sure to let him say his words of wisdom – before making up her own mind!


  19. Like a bicycle built for two, a marriage needs teamwork. Clever use of the prompt and good writing, Neel. 😀 — Suzanne


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