Welcome to Week  of Three Line Tales.

Three Line Tales, Week 99

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three lien tales week 99: a purple sky and a batman shaped belfry

By Neel Anil Panicker

Sheela peered out from her 44 floor penthouse bedroom window at the ever darkening purplish hue that the skies above her had taken, the final dying rays of a distant sun bidding goodbye to earthlings from beyond the mountain tops.

Things that were never so clear, that we always saw as smudged versions of a skewed reality suddenly metamorphose into crystal clear clarity, as if pulled out from a bottomless dungeon and into red hot blazing light, all the work of some magical genie.

As a lone bird flapped her wings and disappeared behind the clouds, she knew it was time too for her to make the move, time for her take that big leap, time for to her put an end to her caged ivory tower existence, time for her to soar the skies, time for her to be free, finally.


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