Sunday Photo Fiction – November 12th 2017

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217 11 November 12th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

“I’m done for the day. Will you feed Ananya when she wakes up. The milk’s in the fridge. You just need to add…”

Raj gets up from the couch. ‘Don’t worry, baby. I know what to do. You go to sleep. You got an early morning flight, remember’.

As Sherlin mouths a ‘Thanks, darling’ and tucks herself in bed beside little Ananya, Raj bends over and kisses both mother and daughter. “Sweet dreams, my loves”.

Closing the bedroom door gently behind them, Raj steps into the drawing room, bracing himself for the long night ahead.

Turning on the dim lights beside the couch, he begins to rifle through the day’s newspaper.

The front page headlines scream at him. “India’s not world’s dumping yard”; “Beef eaters are anti-national”; “Massive job losses across sectors”.

Disgusted, Raj flips over and skips through the City and Nation pages, all full of crime reportage. “16 year old school boy kills classmate ”;  35-year-old murders hubby, in-laws; “65 year old carpenter rapes one-month old” .

He realizes the world’s turned binary__ nationalists and anti-nationalists, cow worshippers and beef eaters, good people and bad people, job holders and job seekers…


4 thoughts on “neelwrites/thebigbinary/sundayphotofictioneer/flash/fiction/208words/13/11/2017

  1. Well done, Neel, but so depressing…


  2. Social media and 24-hour press coverage certainly make it feel this way. Nicely observed.


  3. So what was his ‘long night?’ Just reading all the stories or is he going to do anything? Little confused by the ending. I was waiting for him to do something like pull off his shirt to show a big S. No, not really, but I was expecting him to do something.


  4. I wonder how much of this happened before we had the news coverage we have now, but just ever found out about by the populace. Good story on what is fast becoming a true depiction.


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