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PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

By Neel Anil Panicker

They were a loyal couple. She, towards Herno; he, towards Movado.

It was no wonder she preferred the Italian powerhouse label, picking up ten super luxe pure gold dial watches whereas he turned the men’s section around and armed himself with Movado Bold, again ten in number, matching hers.

“We compete in love as well as indulgences” was their joint reply to the awe struck Bloomingdales sales girls who had seen their share of splurges in life”.

An hour later as the two awaited their flight at JFK airport, Shelly squeezed Herbert’s arm.

“Blessed is the one who invented cloning”.


15 thoughts on “neelwrites/thehighlife/FF/flash/shortstory/100words/10/11/2017

  1. That last line came out of nowhere. Is the suggestion that the rich will be able to clone themselves and live on forever? Intriguing take.


    1. No, i was referring to this increasing trend of cloning of international debit and credit cards also called plastic cards. The couple are doing that and splurging on someone else’s money.

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  2. That was a real twist 🙂

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  3. Okay, Neel. that was a surprise for sure. Do they each have nine clones? At first I thought they were shoplifting, but that idea was dispelled. Lots of questions here.


    1. No, i mentioned my intention while replying to Kelly.

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  4. Are they cloning the watches and selling them?
    Nice twist.

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    1. No YS. Read my reply to Kelly above.

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      1. Dense of me – not to get it. 🙂


  5. Dale

    Oh the thieves! Perfect couple – at least they are less dangerous than Bonnie and Clyde.

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  6. That’s a nice twist at the end!

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  7. Dear Neel

    I read your explanation above and am still a bit confused. So they cloned the credit cards? Does this means the creditors will clone the bills? That’s quite the competition they have going on.



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    1. Yes Rochelle, this is a very vile and fraudulent business that is pretty much prevalent in many parts of the world, especially South Asia. What they do is steal your card details and clone it (make a duplicate of it using your original details) and then withdraw money and/or shop online with the bill going being generated in the original card holder’s name.


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