Welcome To Six Sentence Stories

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This week we join our intrepid adventurers as they craft six (and only six) sentences into a full fledged story, using any genre they like. As with other weeks they will be using one cue word as the concept for their masterpiece, which they will add to the link below.

What cue is this week’s challenge you ask?    SUBSTITUTE.



By Neel Anil Panicker

Benny looked up as the clouds above rumbled and grumbled like a five-year-old who finds his favourite chocolate dipped milk glass strangely only half filled.

‘Dammit, a bad time for the skies to cry out.’

His eyes cast a quick, furtive look at the gasoline lit near empty street that snaked ahead almost to eternity and joined the periphery of the village that lay beyond.

Satisfied that none were at hand to watch his deed, he pulled the long kitchen knife that he had tucked inside his jeans back pocket and kneeled down on the muddy road.

‘If life doesn’t provide for a substitute then it is better to take it away’, so saying he thrust the six-inch long blade deep inside the still breathing heart of Elwin, his childhood best friend.’

‘Henceforth, there would be only one school champion.’


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