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 Today’s prompt is:  Why you love, or dislike, the holiday season.


By Neel Anil Panicker

The holiday season is soon to hit upon us.

Every single thing leading to it ___the fun, the excitement, the coming together of long lost friends and relatives, the entire paraphernalia surrounding the merry season makes it one big and endless roller coaster ride, right?

Well, not always. At least not for those who are sick, or if they are school and college going kids and have examinations on the anvil and hence are unable to join in whole heartedly in the otherwise invigorating gung ho spirit that envelops everyone.

That’s when one seriously begins to question the rationale behind the world and her backyard declaring themselves as being on a grand holiday while one sits and twiddle ones’ thumbs.

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3 thoughts on “neelwrites/winsome,losesome/tellmeatalein120words/shorstory/04/11/2017

  1. I love your point about the folks in school who cannot join in – and the idea of the world and a backyard is a great pairing – really cool – and this was a good topic (cos I get annoyed by the big holiday expectations) ☺️


    1. Glad to know our views are one on this one. Thanks Prior

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