Sunday Photo Fiction – October 29th 2017

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16 J Hardy Carroll 29 October 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Sir, there seems to be a problem. Something suspicious is showing up’.

Singapore Airport Officer Alphons Rodrigues peered into the computer screen that reflected the results of the X-ray machine.

Then peering out he looked at the woman__middle aged, narrow crinkly slit eyes, pale yellow skin__as she extricated the suitcase from the outer bay and walked towards the check out counter.

“Excuse me Madam but would you mind stepping aside”.


He had never seen such perfectly crafted busts.

He inspected them one by one.

An African, another two who, given their dusky colourations and slit eyes resting on near oval faces could have been from any of the South Asian countries, probably Indonesian or Singaporean, he wildly guessed, a pair that looked liked twins, one Briton, and one more, who had an eerie resemblance to a pre-teen Donald Trump.

All six of them, they looked lifelike; their eyes shone bright, the skin flawless sans wrinkles, the cheeks oh so perfect and flawless, the hair, exquisitely coiffured.

Satisfied albeit a bit amused, Alphons green signalled the woman.

An hour later and in her hotel room, Angga Bintam Aldi smashed little Trump’s head onto the floor and out fell a pouch full of fine grain cocaine.

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6 thoughts on “neelwrites/gameofpresidents/sundayphotofiction/flash/shortstory/200words/31/10/2017

  1. A unique way to smuggle drugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember stories of people smuggling valuables in small figures going all the way back to the old “Adventures of Superman” TV show. The episode “Mystery of the Broken Statues” was first aired 10 October 1952. Of course, I didn’t see it until some years later, but those first season black & white shows were modeled after movie crime dramas of the same era.


    1. Ingenious are the ways of some. Nice little tidbit that, and thanks James.

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  3. Alphons managed to keep her cool well. Good story Neel.


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