FFfAW Challenge-Week of October 3, 2017

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Love! Now, what’s that monkey?

By Neel Anil Panicker

Rasheed looked across at the lone child amongst the protestors.

“At her age, she should be in school, learning the alphabets.”

‘Oh, is that what you think. That six year olds have no business hitting the streets, holding placards twice their own heights, smearing it with ‘Love’ messages scrawled in tiny distinctive lettering.  Is that what you really think, husband dear of fifty odd years?’

“No, not at all. I’m just ashamed of us adults; at what we have made of God’s beautiful paradise. Instead of bequeathing them a world brimming with love, we’re gifting our children hate-filled fiery hells.”

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17 thoughts on “neelwrites/love!now,what’sthat?FFfAW/100words/03/10/2017

  1. Nail hit squarely on head Neel. We’ll done.

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  2. A painful truth. How can we expect our children to be better than us with the example we are setting them?

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  3. Exactly what legacies are we leaving behind for our future generations.


  4. Unfortunately love and materialism has a inverse relationship. Wonderful take.

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    1. How true in today’s highly materialistic age. Thanks YS.

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  5. This is a scary world as the children are not inheriting love but something evil and dangerous. You have sent a very strong message, Neel.

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    1. It is a very horrific world we are leaving behind.


  6. Beautiful, Neel, and such an appropriate week in the U.S. for you to write this. Thank you.

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  7. Moon

    so very well written.

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  8. OH so true! Now we just all need to do something to change that. Great story Neel!

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    1. Absolutely, and it has happen from within and fast Thanks PJ.

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  9. Lovely story Neel. I really like the way the “…husband dear of fifty odd years?” line reads in my head.


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